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    Millbrook Cultural and Heritage Centre is now showcasing stunning Mi’kmaq artisans, offset with a collection of Nova Scotia product. Come and see affordable and authentic Mi’kmaq items ranging from dreamcatchers to earrings, traditional Mi’kmaq music to prolific aboriginal literature, clothes to ball caps and from genuine Mi’kmaq art to brilliantly crafted Native jewelry.

    With the soft sounds of traditional Mi’kmaq music in the background and sensational aboriginal crafts surrounding you, the Millbrook Cultural and Heritage Centre creates an awe-inspiring atmosphere that truly captures the essence of Mi’kmaq culture.


    We have a number of original Mi’kmaq paintings, featuring locally and nationally acclaimed artist Alan Sylliboy.


    Further highlighting our Mi’kmaq focus, we offer a personal touch with hand made ash baskets, hand carved walking sticks, quill jewelry, beadwork pieces and a myriad of other beautifully hand crafted items.

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    We also have an art/print section in our Centre, from various First Nations Artist. Come check it out!

Alan Syliboy T-shirts


Shipping is not available.

Alan Syliboy Red Crane T-shirts available at our gift shop! Pictured (Mask with Red Eyes), is one of many t-shirts available.

We Were Not The Savages



Canada $12.00

US $16.00

Author: Daniel N. Paul “We Were Not the Savages … is unique, in chronological scope and in the story it tells, covering the last three centuries of Mi’kmaq history in detail. Prior to the appearance of this book it was common for historians to downplay or even deny the violence inflicted on the Mi’kmaq people by European and Euro-American colonizers. This work, more than any other piece of scholarly production, has headed off that consensus at a pass. Scalp-bounty policies are now recognized as a historical problem worthy of investigation.”

The Thundermaker



Canada $12.00

US $16.00

Alan Syliboy new childrens book

Closing December 15th and Opening again in the Spring

We believe our facility will be an excellent resource to help explain, in an interactive way, the history and culture of the Mi’kmaw people. Contact Us to arrange your group / organization’s visit to the Millbrook Cultural and Heritage Centre.


Admission for the Millbrook Cultural and Heritage Centre:

(HST included)


Pass                                                                                                             Price


Adults                                                                                                        $ 6.00

Child 6 to 17 years (Under 5 free)                                                               $ 3.50

Family (2 Adults and Children under 18)                                                     $15.00

Senior 65 and older                                                                                   $ 5.00

School Tours (Per child)                                                                             $ 3.00

Adult Tours (Per person, Incl. Senior Tour groups)                                     $ 4.00

To all Millbrook Band Members upon presentation of Band Card               $ Free


Note: For tax exemption, please present valid status card before payment. Thank you.


The Centre also has a Gift Shop with a First Nations focus.


The Millbrook Cultural and Heritage Centre is located in the heart of the Truro Power Centre. The Truro Power Centre is a thriving commercial real estate development owned by Millbrook First Nation and will continue to provide a positive economic impact for future generations of Millbrook Mi’kmaq.


For further information on Millbrook First Nation, please visit:














Hand Drum


Power point



Early Tools





The Mi’kmaq would use stones and rocks throughout history to tell stories and leave behind messages for those who would follow. By examining some of the traditional symbols we get a better understanding of how the Mi’kmaq communicated before there was a written language. Participants will get an opportunity to create their own symbol and draw it on a rock so that they too can carry it to tell their own story.


Cost:                                             $3.00 per person

Recommended:                      Ages: 7 and up

Time required:                        40 minutes

The Medicine Wheel is a very powerful symbol of Native American spirituality. Because it is a circle, it represents the many cycles that appear in the natural world: the cycle of night and day, of the seasons, and of birth, life, and death. However, it is important to note that each Nation has been given its own understanding of the Medicine Wheel, and the colours, order, and other details may differ. This does not mean that any one understanding is right or wrong; each Nation received teachings that work best for them.


Cost:                                             $11.00 per person

Recommended Ages:          13 and up

Time required:                        1-2 hours

Since long ago the talking stick has been instrumental in keeping order and teaching us respect for others.  You will select your own stick; personalize it by using beautiful beads and paint, hence creating your own unique design.   Natural leather ties and feathers are attached to the end.


Cost:                                             $7.00 per person.  (Minimum 5 participants)

Recommended Ages:          All ages

Time Required:                       1 hour

Waltes is a traditional Mi’kmaw game played with bone or antler dice and a hardwood bowl. This game is normally played with just two people but the MCHC staff have adapted it to play with larger groups and incorporate discussion about traditional values while teaching how to play the game.


Cost:                                             $Free

Recommended Ages:          All ages

Time Required:                       20-30 minutes

Our staff knows many different Kluskap legends and enjoy sharing them with interested listeners.



Cost:                                             $Free

Recommended Ages:          All ages

Time Required:                       20-30 minutes

We have scavenger hunts for every grade level and small rewards to the first to complete it.



Cost:                                             $Free

Recommended Ages:          All ages

Time Required:                      15-20 minutes

Garrett Gloade a member of the Eastern Eagle Drum group, can introduce the importance of the drum and songs to the culture, answer questions about Powwow culture and give a demonstration.



Cost:                                             $Free

Recommended Ages:          All ages

Time Required:                       15-20 minutes

Our staff can deliver a powerpoint presentation on many curriculum topics such as: the Residential School System, Powwow Culture, Early Contact, Legends, Treaty Rights, and the importance of using respectful language.



Cost:                                             $Free

Recommended Ages:          Varies based on presentation

Time Required:                       30 minutes to an hour

The MCHC has a working collection that students can handle.  Touch furs, reproduction tools, porcupine quills, sweetgrass and many other cultural items to reinforce learning about the long and rich cultural history of the Mi'kmaq.


Cost:                                             Free

Recommended Ages:          All ages

Time Required:                       30 Minutes

Garrett Gloade can help you assemble your own hand drum.  We provide all the materials to you. You can cut your own rawhide lace, punch holes, and stitch your drum together with his help.



Cost:                                             $100 to $120 (varies)

Recommended Ages:          12 and up

Time Required:                       2.5 hours

  Advanced booking is required on all activities

We invite you to come

in and check us out!

Millbrook Cultural and Heritage Centre

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